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COLLEGE Recruitment
club Consultancy

After working with so many players who play at clubs without the resources to provide recruiting assistance, we decided to step up and be that resource. Toir wants to increase the chances of players finding the right fit for them. Instead of relying on the network of the club’s recruiting advisor, you can now have access to the Toir team’s nationwide network of coaches.


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Getting recruited is a complicated process.


The Toir team will guide you through all the necessary steps, from Eligibilty all the way to your Letter of Intent.


Toir scouts will analyze your clips and form a position specific soccer recruiting video using a process approved by college coaches! 


Invite only

College coaches provide Toir with a list of positions and player criteria for their next recruiting classes.


If our player meets that criteria, we provide a trusted recommendation to place you in your best college fit.




Player Consultant

Winthrop University Student-Athlete Alumni

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Eligibility and Player Marketing Consultant

Winthrop University International Ambassador Alumni

"Toir Performance provides a first class experience for players to reach the highest level of their game. Conor and the Toir Performance team have the knowledge and experience to not only help the individual player improve, but also provide valuable guidance in the college recruitment process. I would highly recommend working with Toir for any player that wants to achieve their goal of becoming a college athlete!"


Kyle Kenney 
Mens Soccer Director of Operations
Virginia Tech

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