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COLLEGE Recruitment

Our mission is to help every student-athlete and college program benefit from a successful recruiting process. All recruiting journeys rely on a systematic approach or process to hit key milestones, which is why we offer a comprehensive step-by-step, personalized process to become a collegiate athlete.

Studying and playing at a US college/university offers tremendous advantages to both the parent and students as the country offers some of the best educational institutes in the world coupled with high-quality sporting facilities. 

We pride ourselves on the specific expertise that we can add during the process. Our backgrounds in playing, coaching, and scouting in various sports allow players to have the best opportunity to display their skills and get recruited by college coaches. We exist to help you through each step of the journey, guide you in the right direction, provide you with the most relevant information, market you to coaches and find the option best suited to you.

College sports

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With over a century of collective college coaching experience, we offer unparalleled expertise, connections and guidance for your athletic journey.



Being based in the Charlotte, North Carolina and having team members all across the United States enables us to actively visit coaches, attend games, and stay connected with the U.S. college system, providing you with a unique advantage in your athletic pursuits.



We offer comprehensive pastoral care to our players, facilitating connections with our partner clubs for semi-pro summer soccer experiences and establishing pathways to professional teams after graduation.

Toir US College Scholarships Raised in 2023



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