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College Prepatory Training


Toir development programs are executed by D1 athletes and college coaches, professional players and leading S&C coaches in the country and tailored for every player to meet their goals. Learn what it takes to play at the next level through the knowledge and experience of our coaches.  Our academy helps high school athletes improve their technical and tactical performance through collegiate-level training sessions.

All players have the option to open communication between the Toir coaches and their club/school coach to discuss and monitor development. 


We provide elite group sessions (Ball Mastery, Technical, Shooting, Defending).

After an initial evaluation session, the coach will discuss with the players and parents what areas we can work on, allowing players to improve on these aspects of their game through the process of repetition and feedback.​

Strength and conditioning  

For many college coaches, athleticism and fitness are some of the most important criteria that they look for in a potential recruit.


Toir positional specific S&C programs include strength training, injury prevention, speed, agility and endurance, with regular consultations to look at progress, using statistics as an essential feedback tool.

Match analysis

Receive a comprehensive scouting report with tactical and technical breakdown of areas of success and areas of improvement from qualified professional scouts on an interactive video call. 

 We will provide players with actionable challenges and areas for improvements that can be incorporated into the player's private training sessions.

 Technical Coaches

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Ireland | Center Midifeld

Locations: Charlotte, NC

                   Rock Hill, SC

Untitled design (11)_edited_edited.jpg

JOrdan walshaw


England | Striker, Winger

Location: Hays, Kansas


nil vinyals

Spain | Center Midfield

Location: Richmond, Virginia

"Toir Performance provides a first class experience for players to reach the highest level of their game. Conor and the Toir Performance team have the knowledge and experience to not only help the individual player improve, but also provide valuable guidance in the college recruitment process. I would highly recommend working with Toir for any player that wants to achieve their goal of becoming a college athlete!"


Kyle Kenney 
Mens Soccer Director of Operations
Virginia Tech

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